These Given Gifts

The wispy page crinkles as it turns, and I smooth it down with a palm. I’ve been slowly trekking through Exodus, a book unexpectedly filled with gifts. It says it here, right in the black print, that God gifted the builders of the temple: He says of a man named Bezalel, “I have filled him with … More These Given Gifts

Our Strong Escape

We need a Strong Escape from the harshness of this world. We need a Refuge. I sit on my knees by the window, fighting the wave of panic that is inching up into my stomach (and, slow and steady, into my mind). A surge of nausea makes me swallow hard. I anxiously try to breathe … More Our Strong Escape

The Heart of Holy

Here’s a piece I wrote for my church after attending their Women’s Conference. Contributed by Mary Jackson I sunk onto a seat and glanced around the room. The women had garlanded the walls and windows of the sanctuary with eucalyptus, making the sanctuary a sweet and earthy escape from the winter outside. Filling the room, … More The Heart of Holy