Rhyme and Reason

Hi, my name is Mary Jackson, and I’m so thankful you’ve stopped by my blog! This page is a little about me and the inspiration behind Coffee-Cup Posts.

Why Coffee-Cup Posts? These posts are meant to be fairly short snippets of “journeying with Jesus and becoming merry”—snippets short enough to drink a cup of coffee with. Brew a batch of warm wake-me-up and sit down for some quick encouragement about life (real life).

On a deeper level. . .

This blog has a simple origin. Joy has always been mysterious to me. It’s the idea that I’ve peeked at around insecurity, around fear, around anger, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, pain, and even happiness and complacency. What comprises a never-wavering joy? A complete satisfaction? A trust so deep in the Savior that nothing sways its devotion?

Though I’m a fan of short, pithy definitions, I think joy’s explanation is embedded deeply into our walks with Jesus. Though it would be completely true to simply say that joy is walking with Jesus, I want to dissect the many aspects that are consequent of this statement.

Joy is meant to drive and underlie everything the Father tells us to do.

So, this blog-journey is for searching, for learning, for growing, and—ultimately—for joying in the Savior Jesus. Feel free to join my journey!

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3 thoughts on “Rhyme and Reason

  1. Yeah! Joy is my favorite word! Struggling to find it lately and love how God uses others to remind me of it. Look forward to more of these. Blessing to you.

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