Seeking Righteousness over Rightness: living that daily sacrifice

The words come hard, slow. Ideas that have sat muddled in my mind for weeks fight to sharpen and focus. What does it mean—practically, spiritually—to seek righteousness over rightness? It’s a hard topic; it’s one that resides in the nucleus, forming the thoughts, the actions. Which do I long for more? Do I long to be … More Seeking Righteousness over Rightness: living that daily sacrifice


Customer after customer seemed to challenge my pride. Maybe it was the day, maybe it was the pull of the moon (I don’t know), but condescension was running high. They seemed to look me in the face and ask boldly, “do you even know what you’re doing?” And my sense of importance in the workplace … More Humility

Collateral Faith

We pulled up to the hospital, and a smile tugged at my lips. The letters spelling out “Children’s Hospital” were a rainbow spectrum of colors, and the glowing lights behind them drew in the eyes, drew hope to the heart. It looked inviting. The lobby was even better, brighter: a luminous blue Christmas tree stood … More Collateral Faith